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Some words about this program

Tiny HTML Editor Linux version

The aim of this program is not to present the user the "DEFINITIVE" HTML Editor with really everything he/she can wish, but, rather, a very comfortable piece of software where most of the often used HTML tags is at a mouse click.
Using it must not be difficult as all the most used tags are organized and ordered by topic.
Many common tags, i.e. those encapsulating words or short sentences habeen organized so as to allow the user to automatically put the oprening tag at the beginning of the word or short sentence and the closing tag at its end. For instance I want to put "This Sentence" between <H1> e </H1>: I cam proceed this way:

1. I Select This Sentence;
2. then I choose the menu Headers and click the <H1>...</H1> menu item

Tiny HTML Editor (Linux Version)

Some things must be kept into consideration:

1) this program has been written with Borlamd Kylix3® O.E. (Delphi-mode) on a Mandrake 9.0 environment. And the graphic environment where it has been developed is KDE 3.0;
2) this program especially when it calls Konqueror to preview the page but also in the About form, it of course uses Libc: the Libc shipped with Mandrake 9.0: if we are not mistaken the Glibc 2.2.x;
3) already with a major version of Glibc this part of the program may not work. This malfunction is of course not due to coding mistake but - as said - to a different version of Glibc (to this purpose see the newsgroup borland.public.kylix.distros-compatibility and Andreas Hausladen's site http://www.kylix-patch.de.vu/; have a look at http://sourceforge.net/projects/kylixlibs/ too!)
4) the file " filep.htm" MUST never be deleted from the TinyHTMLEfitor directory.

It must be said that for Italian Users an Italian localization (e.g. menus in Italian) is available. This localixation has been made using Lin Localizer http://linlocalize.sourceforge.net/.

Tiny HTML Editor (Windows Version)

Starting form the linux version written with Borlamd Kylix3®, a translation for Windopws has been made using Borlamd Delphi® 6 O.E..
For both the Linux and the Windows versions the SynComponents (see: http://sourceforge.net/projects/synedit/) have been used. Those for Delphi have some features which seem to work better than the same components used in Kylix 3 O.E.. This is tge reason why the Tiny HTML Editor Win version is slightly better, especially when printing the page.

Tiny HTML Editor's latest releases can be downloaded on its SourceForge page here!


N.B.: I want to take advantage from this page to publicly thank The Source Forge staff for having allowed the realisation of this tiny project of mine and for having given assistance to me as well.

P.S.: this html page has of course been written with Tiny HTML Editor!!!

The Project Administrator

Stefano Franzato

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